Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The only Evil we encounter is the one we release through our anger and selfish-malevolent hatred towards other's and ourselves. We are the Devil itself, we are our own Death's pathway. For lack of moral respect, and for the lack of understanding, we prevail as the antagonist to Mother Nature's righteous ways of showing us empathy. We devour our knowledge and abuse it by drowning it in exploitation and releasing it as the common privilege. We sometimes forget we are here for a reason; because without reasoning in Life we wouldn't know of Hate, and without Hate we wouldn't know of Love. We must remember our reasons for living, and that our actions speak for our thoughts, and if our thoughts speak for our feelings, then we are the only one's who can stop Evil from finding Love. We must not conclude that by forgetting of our reasoning we are justifying our actions by allowing Evil an excuse to mark its scars for Love to cross its path. We have the power to change our own Destiny, and we have the sufficient knowledge to live a reasonable Life without the excuses to rely on. We are not perfect, but in our minds we can be, and if we think it we can live it.


Misha De Ridder

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On an episode of My Life on the D List, Kathy Griffin jokingly said that Senator Scott Brown's daughters were prostitutes. This comment caused quite a stir with the ladies of The View, so much that in fact, commentator Elisabeth Hasselbeck, went as far as to call Kathy Griffin "scum" for her actions. As you might remember, last time Kathy Griffin was a guest on their show she had a little confrontation with Elisabeth herself regarding previous jokes Kathy had said. You can watch the video on that below:


Kathy Griffin vs The View: Elisabeth is a stupid whore. she needs to stay home and have more kids and live her amazing conservative fake life with her gay husband. Kathy is a comedian and she can say whatever the hell she wants with no barriers. If she wants to cross the line, which in this case there was none, she could because she can. We all know Kathy is like Joan Rivers 2.0 so then why are they acting so surprised? Look at Whoopi acting all mother-hood like with this comment, but what about Mel Gibson's rant on race, sexism, and violence? Take a look at that instead, she was all up on defending him. Its sarcasm at its best, and it is actually funny. Team Kathy Griffin.

Watch the discussion below:

Lindsay Lohan is clearly making more than a household name for herself with all this news regarding her jail sentence, her personal life, photo-shoots, and even her "leaked" music tracks. In the last year she has managed to include her name in a variety of broad magazines showcasing music, fashion, art, and headline news. There are bands out there named after her, there are albums and tracks out there inspired by her life in the media, and there is a new "Lilo Look", inspired by her every day gear and nightlife crusades. Intentional or not, she has made it to the top of the search engines lists, and she has managed to, in more than one way, keep us interested in her wild life. She might have been a popular and well-known actress at one point, but she sure gave a whole new meaning to the phrase that "there is no such thing as negative publicity".
Believe everything you've heard about me; I've done it better and am better than the truth itself.

Monday, July 19, 2010

How To Start A Revolution (Groffi's Trance Mix)