Thursday, July 30, 2009

Madonna - Celebration


Update: The file has been deleted due to copyright infringements. ha!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sin Tu Cariño

Mana- "Sin tu cariño"
Revolucion de Amor

No sé como explicar
lo que siento aquí adentro
desde que yo te vi
todo cambio por completo

y yo sé, yo sé
que eres tú quien llena este vació
eres la vida que hay en mi
quiero vivirla siempre junto a ti

no sé que voy a hacer sin tu cariño
no sé si viviré sin tu cariño

he caminado tantas calles
tan frías tan solas
y cuando solo me he sentido
ahí estás tú como un espíritu

y lo sé lo sé
sin tu amor siento que estoy perdido
si hay un deseo que pedir
es pasar mi vida entera junto a tí

no sé que voy a hacer sin tu cariño
no sé si viviré sin tu cariño.




With Performances by

This is my Empire
Know Well

All Ages
5597 S. Rainbow Rd
Las Vegas, NV

Live DiggNation

Don't miss your chance to sit and watch a fun time with celebrity Ashton Kutcher and Diggnation folks Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht, as they discuss the top stories from LIVE at the Palms in Las Vegas.

The show will be free and open to the public.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 - 5pm

Palms Casino Resort
4321 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV

Platonic Love

Have I ever told you
that if I sit really still and silent,
sometimes. I like to think
I can hear your heart beating
in time with mine?

Have I ever told you
that when I watch you speak to me
through lines and cords,
and bytes and ram,
I imagine
your voice,
whispering into my ear?

Have I ever told you
that I wait out each day
in anticipation,
only an hour or two,
just a second in space and time,
to feel close to you?

Have I ever told you
that there has been times,
when I ached for you,
ached for you so badly,
that the emotions overwhelmed me..
and so I sat and cried?

Have I ever told you
that sometimes,
I will reach out,
touching your name
on this cold screen before me,
I could reach in
and pull you to me?

Have I ever told you
that after the first time I heard
the sound of your voice,
thousands of miles away,
I sat up all night,
turning the conversation over and over
in my mind,
examining it,
like some newly discovered species of flower?

Have I ever told you
that I would give everything up,
just for one night
to be able to lay near you,
to feel your chest rise and fall
with each breath you take,
just to know that you are real?

Have I ever told you
that I dream of you often,
I dream of you reaching out
and touching my hand,
simply to let me know
that you are there,
and everything is okay?

Have I ever told you,
have I still yet to tell you . . .
that I love you?


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fabulous Fest

Fabulous Festival

Labor Day Weekend 2009

Immerse yourself amongst the world's most beautiful people this Labor Day Weekend at Fabulous Fest!

Known for being one of Europe's top electronic music festivals, Fabulous brings their all-star music line up to the U.S. for the second time, featuring performances by more than 20 superstart DJs and producers.

For true partygoers, "Be Fabulous" VIP ALL Access Passes are available which include VIP Access into ALL Venues ALL Weekend, plus a Hosted Bar at Rain Nightclub and Ghostbar!


Gh0stbar 80's Night

Thursday August 6th, GHOSTBAR presents LESS THAN ZER 80's NIGHT with speecial guest DJ BRENT
BOLTHOUSE, complimnetary Ketel One Vodka from 10pm-Midnight!

Doors 10pm

Rat people from Pakistan

"Hundreds of microcephalics people born with small skulls and protruding noses and ears because of a genetic mutation – can be found on the streets of Gujrat, in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Called the “rat children”, they are sold by their families to begging mafias, who exploit a tradition that they are sacred offerings to Shah Daula, the shrine’s 17th century Sufi saint."

Click below for more information on these families

Palabras como Navajas

Hay palabras que son como navajas, picudas y afiladas. Y hay otras que no se si creerlas, porque no son directas hacia mi.

Hay dias que me siento perdido. Que no tengo salida. Me aferro a lo que quiero y me lastimo yo mismo. A quien le pertenezco? Yo mismo no lo se. Pero espero saberlo pronto, porque el corazon tambien se hace viejo.


Daft Punk
to tour in support of Tron? In the category of “take it for what it’s worth,” Joseph Kosinski, director of the upcoming sequel Tron Legacy, may have dropped one hell of a bomb shell. When asked in a recent interview at Comic-Con if Daft Punk, the duo behind his film’s score, would tour in support of it, Kosinski responded with a “definitely
.” Daft Punk has previously stated that it will embark on a world tour in 2010-2011. Given that Tron Legacy is scheduled to hit theatre's sometime in that time frame, perhaps “definitely” is really definitely…

Monday, July 27, 2009

Shakira -"Eres"

Eres sensacional
un loco de ideas raras
muy original
eres sentimental
tambien transparente
pero tan diferente
a todo el que conozco
igual yo reconozco
cuando estoy sin ti
no me siento viva
no me siento plena
solo tu me llenas
que eres mi prisión
y dulce condena.

Que es lo que te hace
ser tan especial
paralizas mi alma
solo con hablar
Que tienen tus ojos
que hacen derretirme
y me encantas tu
tu estilo de amar
Que es lo que te hace ser
tan sonador
dices lo que piensas
sin ningun temor
eres brisa y calma
eres fuego y emoción
vi su oscuridad
y oi calor.
Tu agresividad
y mi alma salvaje
que busca intimidarme
poeta empedernido
bohemio confundido
ha sido para mi
mi espacio y mi tiempo
mi mejor invento
porque tu me ensenaste
la dulce emocion
de enamorarme.
Que es lo que te hace
ser tan especial ...

I hope this is a joke!

Truth Ministry

"If you have a need, send us your Prayer Request today! Become a Prayer Partner"

Pray for my niece. She is a lesbian and refuses to see anything wrong with it. Pray she comes to Christ and renounces homosexuality. Thank you.

Our son moved to Portland, OR in pusuit of his gay lifestyle. Now he is dating a young man, so please pray for both of them. Pray for them to realize God's will for their lives and turn from this wrong lifestyle.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Mirame a los ojos y dime que me quieres. Aqui estoy, soy lo que esperabas? Dimelo.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vintage Vests for Men

So, I found out this cool website featuring 60's and 70's vintage vests for men! How great is that? Check out the website for photos and prices.

P.S. most prices range from the $20's tot he $50's!

Latin Royalty

Paulina Rubio
Jennifer Lopez

Empire of the Sun

Exclusive new performance new from Empire of the Sun. New details reveal what their debut live setup might look like.

click here to access:

Friday, July 17, 2009




i don't know if I'm being too much but you haven't said yes or no.
I don't like to give up on things. I want what I like. Sometimes I feel hopeless, and other times I feel like you're playing me for your entertainment. I try to be straightforward, but then you put up a wall. Maybe you like someone else? I don't know. Maybe you like me? I don't know. I don't get any answers from you, and you know how hard it is to be confrontational about these things. I just need an answer, because I feel like a fool trying and trying and nothing happens. The distance to me would not be a problem, and your friends can be my friends. I can work it out, we can work it out. When there's meaning to things there's always a solution for the smallest problems. I don't want to let go without knowing the truth.

Is there someone else who talks to you the way I do? Who makes you smile like I do? or anyone else who challenges, discusses, flirts and likes you like I do? Tell me, does anyone drunk calls you like I have? just be honest.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

When Fools Fall in Love

it hit me up from out of nowhere. i felt my spine shrink as each millisecond passed by. i felt a cool feeling within me, and it slowly warmed after. the anxiety became overwhelming and my heart felt sore. everything i thought about was puzzling together. piece by piece i feared it and it struck me. i should have known better. i always say this. i always see it coming, and i always fall for it. im just a fool. what was i thinking? when fools fall in love. they never get it back.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pobre Verano

Un paso tras otro paso en el verano
yo sigo brincando charcos de agua

cuando la temporada mas brillante arrasa
y mis pies solo sienten las capas del agua,
donde queda el poder del sol?

el calor ya no es como ayer. el sudor ya no significa sed.

hoy veo las nubes mas grandes y mas obscuras.
hoy siento llegar las brizas del invierno aun mas temprano.

otro charco mas. otra gota mas en mi nariz.
me hinco y respiro el olor de tierra mojada.
volteo y miro hacia arriba.
donde quedo aquel calor. aquel sol. aquella iluminante luz que un dia me cambio?

las capas del agua han invadido el cielo. el dia es triste, ya las flores se ahogan.
pobre verano, al igual que yo, nos han dejado. nos han cambiando. y ahora nos ocultan.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Las Flores de Mi Corazon

cuando las flores mueren las dejamos morir. y cuando las ojas secas caen, las dejamos caer. al igual que una rosa o un girasol, funciona un corazon.

con dolor o sin dolor, lo dejamos caer. se seca de dolor y muera solo en la derrota del el amor. a quien le importa que se muera un corazon? a nosotros no. la fortaleza del el egoismo es firme. y al igual que una flor, siempre habra otro corazon.

en el jardin del amor hay millones de corazones. hay miles de sentimientos. y en el jardin de la tierra hay millones de flores y mas hojas para derrotar.

si nosotros mismos no podemos, quien nos salvara de la resequedad?

La lluvia ha parado de llorar y el sol se ha convertido en un cobarde.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Next Best Thing

I think I've been lying to myself.

These past few weeks have been a mind rollerscoaster for my thoughts. That one feeling I've always been afraid of has been awaken once again. I'm scared.

I'm one of those guys who dreams and dreams and never lets go, because everything I say and do is meaningful to myself.

I once promised myself I wouldn't become vulnerable to my expectations or my thoughts on love. But if anything, I've learned that love is above all.

It is a challenge for me to let my guards down and expose my inner self once more. It is doubtful and precautious and more thoughtful everytime.

I've always been a solitaire, a man of my own, a soloist, a single person. I've tried to keep myself away from the common, the hurt, the pain, the emotions. I've never succeeded.

To fall in love is a journey. A journey of many factors surrounding the interest, the theme of life, the character, and the knowledge of words. Prior to this, I don't think I've ever been in love.

Now that the feeling I fear the most is here; it has taken its role once again of playing coy and delivering cheap shots of hope.

Oh, the hope I hope is not even something to hope about. I hope without knowledge. I hope without sense and goal. I just hope from the feeling.

I'm hoping to find this one person, miles away, borders in between, years in difference, and with the risk of him even liking me some day.

and when I do, I hope to be his other half. because I know he's been looking for one.

I take flirting, sarcasm, and small affectious notes to heart. If they ever meant something, then I'm on the right path. If they didn't, then I've been lying to myself.

I get told one thing and I see another. I want to believe but words can be tricky. Above all, words can be backstabbing. I'm just a believer in the end, because here I am still wanting him.

And eventhough he may seem far away and impossible, if there is any meaning to this then it can be possible. I believe in true love, and I've never given up.

However, I dont want to make this a challenge if its not mutual on both sides. I shouldnt have to fight and force my way into someones heart, because the heart like love are two sensitive parts.

He seems so right and so fit within me. Everything about him makes me smile. His laughter, his jokes, sarcasm, when he's mad, when he argues, when he's flirting, and when he simply talks to me.

I can only hope, I can only dream, and I can only wonder and wait. Maybe he's the next best thing to happen.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


They say a man always reflects on life when being on the verge of death. He remembers his childhood and sees a clearer picture of his surroundings. Everything becomes instantly brighter, and his vision becomes grateful. His senses become more aware and more sensitive. Everything becomes a thought.

Well that's how I feel right now.

When the exterior becomes mute and all you hear is your heart beat; you've become you again

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Shakira!

Shakira has unveiled her new Spanish single, Loba, for her upcoming new album due out later this October! The title, Spanish version for her unreleased She-Wolf track, is her latest release since her duet collaboration with Carlos Santana's, Illegal, back in 2007. The single was released on June 29th and has received positive reviews. Her English version of the track will be released later in July.

Check out the tune below:

New Bloc Party Single

Bloc Party has released a brand new single titled One More Chance, produced by Jacknife Lee. The single, which is not featured on their remixes album released earlier this year, is part of a new album they're working on. The song will be officially released on August 10th.

Check it out below:

Bloc Party - One More Chance

Sookie Sound & Infamous Present

Sookie Sounds & Infamous Present

Club 4427 featuring all your local resident DJ's & special guests every week!

4427 E Sunset RD
Henderson, NV 89014