Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On an episode of My Life on the D List, Kathy Griffin jokingly said that Senator Scott Brown's daughters were prostitutes. This comment caused quite a stir with the ladies of The View, so much that in fact, commentator Elisabeth Hasselbeck, went as far as to call Kathy Griffin "scum" for her actions. As you might remember, last time Kathy Griffin was a guest on their show she had a little confrontation with Elisabeth herself regarding previous jokes Kathy had said. You can watch the video on that below:


Kathy Griffin vs The View: Elisabeth is a stupid whore. she needs to stay home and have more kids and live her amazing conservative fake life with her gay husband. Kathy is a comedian and she can say whatever the hell she wants with no barriers. If she wants to cross the line, which in this case there was none, she could because she can. We all know Kathy is like Joan Rivers 2.0 so then why are they acting so surprised? Look at Whoopi acting all mother-hood like with this comment, but what about Mel Gibson's rant on race, sexism, and violence? Take a look at that instead, she was all up on defending him. Its sarcasm at its best, and it is actually funny. Team Kathy Griffin.

Watch the discussion below:


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