Sunday, August 30, 2009

Darwinism VS Creationism

Random question, coming from The View. Yes, I'm gay like that. "Do you think that as a parent you should teach your child both Darwinism and your religious belief of Creation, or do you think that teaching both would in any case for future references affect their perspectives as to what to believe and acknowledge?"

Their Hot Topic was based on whether teachers should have the right to express their opinions on religion and or science to their students.

Here's part of the discussion below:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What is Love?

Here's the thing, I recently read an argument on what Love is and what it means/represents to teengaers.

Ok, so I will say one thing. I do agree that most teenagers mistake Love for that nurturing attention and that free generosity of comfort we seek for throughout our angst. Like most teenagers, I did look for that in the world, because what I had or received wasn't enough, or because I felt alone and uncared for at times. Whatever the situation was, I always asked and seeked that love and care from a partner. So here's the thing, as young adults, we sometimes find that, but because were so young and we're still making decisions in our lives we tend not to appreciate what we have at that certain point. So what do we do? We go elsewhere and look for it. We go through phases and relationships or friendships, etc. Once we look back we think that whatever our feeling were at that point, it was love. Because now we feel lonely all over again, or haven't experienced anything like it since then. Well, this is what I think. I think when we first have our first relationship, sexual encounter, or first friend in our adolescent years, we seem to overrated with what it actually was. You know why? Because its our first everything we asked for. Because we had never experienced anything like that previously. So we either over-appreciate it and we succumb to its whole and therefore believe we are in love. I, personally, don't think that's love. I think its just satisfaction at that very moment. And for some we keep it and hold on to it for years because we don't get to experience anything like it for a while. Oh, but trust me, those feelings will always be there, back and forth throughout your life span. So, for some we hold on to it, and therefore we believe it was love because that person provided and meant everything to us at that particular time, and so we keep it and reflect on it every other day and with any other partners that come along the way. That is not love people, that is your mind and your emotions holding on to the positive that came out from that, and we forget all the negatives. Then, there are those who don't appreciate what they have when they get it, and so they want more and more and go through relationships like underwear. They lose their virginity or whatever, and years later they think back and say "oh, well maybe he was the right guy. Maybe he was meant for me and I let him go." Um, no, not quite right either. First of all, again my opinion, I don't believe anything is meant to be. Because, again, we make decisions, and destiny is not planned. But moving, so what is love then? Is it just a moment fo happiness and wonderful feelings? Well, obviously we don't really know, but here's my definition, if it can even be defined. I think true love is when two persons devote entirely and are whole to each other without any questions in between, and can actually overcome tough situations and be one. When people can trust each other and be comfortable with one another, and can actually understand and admire each others flaws without, again, questioning them. It is when all your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts, your words, stories, plans, and goals become not just about you, but about that other person too, and you without thinking it involve them. That's when you know you've become a unit, and are whole. To me that's love. Forget the little butterflies inside you, forget the "I miss you" and the "what if" or the "why"...forget all those, when you're in love you don't question anything, even if you're scared or afraid of what might happen next. If you can't follow your heart, then how can that be Love? There are many arguments about it, and nothing, I believe, has been 100 percent correct about it. Our perception of Love varies, because many factors are involved. But when you stop being selfish, you start to care about that other person, and you become aware that you've been scripting your plans and life within their plans, then I think you should realize that you're in love.

Now, I typed all this within 10 mins, so don't give me shit because I didn't think twice and im not about to go back and correct anything. It just came out, assholes.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009



I promise myself...

if another guy ever breaks my heart again, i promise myself, that i will never look at another guy the same way. Because i know that i don't deserve it. Not when I completely devote myself to them, because I am a caring guy, and I do appreciate them. I know that I don't deserve shitty guys, because I'm there for whoever all the time, and put more than enough effort to be with them. If they can't appreciate my time, my words, love or effort, then I don't know what they're doing looking to be with someone. Obviously, they're not emotionally mature and don't have the adequate time for any relationship. So I hate when they complain or whine about how they're so lonely, and how they want someone or miss someone, etc. They're alone because they want to be. Whatever you give, you will receive.

Monday, August 10, 2009

El Mejor Sueño Para Mi

Las noches se me hacen eternas al no saber de ti. Y a ti, sin importancia, te vas a dormir.

Sera que estoy pecando al extrañarte antes de dormir? Porque siendo asi, me siento castigado.

Pero fijate bien, porque aun asi sigo aqui. Tengo muchas alas por ti. Muchas alas por saber al despertar, de lo que sera de ti y de mi.

Eres un sueño con huecos de tristesa. Pero eres el mejor sueño para mi. Y siendo asi, te quiero para mi.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Personal Pet Peeves

New hip-hop [aka soulja boy]. Seriously, whatever happened to good hip-hop and rap?

Open toilet lids. Close the fucking toilet seat when you're done, there's a reason for its lid.

Chewing with your mouth open. This is something I cannot stand, seriously. I'll tell you off.

Especially if you make nasty wet-chewy noises, as if chewing a gum, oh my god. Kill yourself.

People that try too hard [aka N00BZ]. Seriously, stop trying what everyone did 5 years ago, move on. I see that out here [LAS VEGAS] all the time. If you're one of those "followers" at least keep up with the trends. The scene and the trannies died when I was a teenager, ha-ha.

People who think they know shit about music or those who try and "understand" the new phase of underground music. Keep listening to whatever it is you first liked, you look foolish.

People who argue about how real they are and honest/blunt. That's your guilty-conscience talking. Get over it, you're as fake as anyone else, stop trying, you'll never succeed.

Ignorant fucks. Do I need to elaborate, you ignorant fuck? ha-ha ;]

People who think they're something because of their amount of friends on any site or amount of compliments they receive. Get over it, you're not Tila Tequila, you don't have your own show, and you probably think you're a model or some sort of artist. You're not until proven otherwise.

Those of you who think you know how to party when all you do is sit at someone's' house and drink cheap liquor out of a red plastic cup. That's so 90's.

Potheads. Ok, how slow do you want to be? Aren't you tired of your own couch and your weird abstract lyrics and paintings that no one will ever get but yourself, because you're so high?

People who can't spell the "obvious" grammar. Unless you dropped out at age 14, you can't be that illiterate. [their, they're, there] [to, too, two] [who, who's, whose] [know, now] etc.

superficial folks. I mean really superficial people. Tanning whores, mainstream attitudes, etc. No one really cares the brand on your tag of a shirt that looks like you could have boughten it at Savers'.

Super gay people. Alright, I'm gay, but there's a fine line between being a man and wanting to be a girl. No, you're not Britney Spears or Madonna, so stop trying to dance or act like them. Take some male hormones and be who you really are, don't push your own buttons. It gets annoying to see a waste of a males body trying to be a woman. Unless you're psychologically and hormone challenged, that you feel like a female in every way possible... then you need to start planning your solution on that.

People who you talk to online and when they see you in person they can't greet you. That's annoying. I'll admit it, I've done that. I justify myself with being "shy" though, not an asshole.

Dos x, Tecate, Corona, etc. Beer that tastes like piss or hot-wet-metal is disgusting.

Mayonnaise. It is disgusting. I can't stand it.

Wiggers. Do I really need to explain this? Gimmicks are for entertainment.

Guys who have really strong and bar body odor and wear cologne on top of that. Oh my god, talk about not being able to breathe.

Grills. You're not a fucking statue; please remove that metal shit out of your mouth. How bad can your breath smell while wearing that?

Burger King, only because their shit is packed with mayo.

People who start conversations with compliments. Are you that narrow-minded you forgot your intros?

Depressed people who just call their friends for advice and can't give any on their own. Can't you stand up on your own? I mean a few times are okay, that's what friends are for, but every time? I'd get delusional and kill myself thanks to all your problems and mine.

Whores. Yeah I can be a whore. Yeah I've made out with half the world. When it comes to sex, I know how to draw a line. Don't degrade yourself for a few minutes or hours [if you're cocky] of pleasure. I hate when cute people have slept with more people than their own age number. How used can you be? It's just like mileage, everyone likes new unused vehicles.

When your friends date your ex girlfriends. Boyfriends. Especially if you knew they date before, why go there? Did you run out of options or are you just settling for whatever comes along?

When someone promises you the world and they can't keep up with you. Save your words and man up. If you can't fulfill your own promises don't make them. You'll look weak.

Plaid shirts. Unless grunge is back leave them at home.
When we overuse the word "love". Whatever happened to its meaning? Now we love everyone as soon as we meet them.

People who used what we call "inappropriate language" repeatedly. That's when you know someone doesn't know a wide variety of words that they have to say "fuck" and "shit" over and over.

Dirty rooms/houses/bathrooms. I can be a clean freak and I might be exaggerating, but no one wants to live in a shithole. Unless you're homeless or have been one, then I'd completely understand. Until then go vacuum or something.

Teenage sluts. I'd probably fuck you, but then I'd laugh and avoid you. You want that?

People who lie about themselves' to fit in or hang out with someone. What's' the point if you what you're looking for is either a hook up or friendship. Don't you think in the long run the other person would find out? Unless you want to play hide-n-seek, don't waste your time. The truth always comes out somehow.

People who are all about JUST first impressions or image. When you're dying alone on the floor without help, an image is not going to come save you. Take your time to know people who have more to them than just a pretty face. Sure, it may take a while or you might call it "waste of time". New friendships are never a waste of time.

I hate phones that don't have text messaging.

I rather text than call someone. It gives more time to think about what you want to say.

People who depend on other people, as in relationships because they feel lonely. How pathetic is that? You don't need to have a bf or gf all the time. Learn to cope with yourself first and then someone else. You'll die alone either way, get used to it.

Clingy and annoying people. Um hello, I need my space, now can you please walk away?

When someone complains about the environment or their rights and not do anything about it. Why do you think that happens? I hope you know that answer. seriously.

Guys who think that because I'm gay I'm going to hit on them. Well, I probably will, not because you're cute but because you think that way. I'll go to any distance to make you uncomfortable, because I can.