Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lindsay Lohan is clearly making more than a household name for herself with all this news regarding her jail sentence, her personal life, photo-shoots, and even her "leaked" music tracks. In the last year she has managed to include her name in a variety of broad magazines showcasing music, fashion, art, and headline news. There are bands out there named after her, there are albums and tracks out there inspired by her life in the media, and there is a new "Lilo Look", inspired by her every day gear and nightlife crusades. Intentional or not, she has made it to the top of the search engines lists, and she has managed to, in more than one way, keep us interested in her wild life. She might have been a popular and well-known actress at one point, but she sure gave a whole new meaning to the phrase that "there is no such thing as negative publicity".

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