Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'll come back in your life soon. You'll see me around.

Now I know who you are. It was nice while it lasted.

What you give is what you receive. So never question life about what happens to you.

I care too much, and I never believed in caring too much, but I guess when it starts to hurt that's when you know its too much.

Just remember that I once offered you everything I had. That I put effort and time to be with you. Don't forget that.

I feel like I don't know you, and that the things you told me about who you were...was just who you wanted to be.

I feel so low and worthless right now, you have no idea. I feel betrayed in a way. I feel lied to.

Remember to never pretend something. To never think too much of something. Always be honest and straightforward.

And in my eyes you meant everything, and in my mind you still do.

I was a fool to think otherwise. Look at me now.

All I wanted was honesty.

I'm scared to move on, because I don't want to be forgotten.

Think about everything, just think about it.

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