Thursday, September 24, 2009

I don't want to let go

I want to believe that you're still here with me.
I never wished to leave nor to say a final good bye,
and I still haven't because i don't want to give up,
but you don't want to come back to me because I screwed up.
I can get on my knees and tell you a million sorries,
but would that even make you change your mind.
I want you in my life, i love you too much to walk away and not think twice.
Its never too late for these wounds to heal.
I'm not like the rest, I'm trying my best,
and if its all my fault then you have your right, but talk to me
and at least tell me good bye. I want to believe that you still care about me the way I do for you.
You mean so much to me and i don't know if I could ever let go.
Blame it all on me, i don't care. But just come back to me,
i promised to always be there and I want to at least keep my word as a man.
Do you really think the worst of me, because I think the best of you.
And that's all I'll ever think of you.
You were the best next thing and i don't want to move on.

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