Sunday, August 23, 2009

What is Love?

Here's the thing, I recently read an argument on what Love is and what it means/represents to teengaers.

Ok, so I will say one thing. I do agree that most teenagers mistake Love for that nurturing attention and that free generosity of comfort we seek for throughout our angst. Like most teenagers, I did look for that in the world, because what I had or received wasn't enough, or because I felt alone and uncared for at times. Whatever the situation was, I always asked and seeked that love and care from a partner. So here's the thing, as young adults, we sometimes find that, but because were so young and we're still making decisions in our lives we tend not to appreciate what we have at that certain point. So what do we do? We go elsewhere and look for it. We go through phases and relationships or friendships, etc. Once we look back we think that whatever our feeling were at that point, it was love. Because now we feel lonely all over again, or haven't experienced anything like it since then. Well, this is what I think. I think when we first have our first relationship, sexual encounter, or first friend in our adolescent years, we seem to overrated with what it actually was. You know why? Because its our first everything we asked for. Because we had never experienced anything like that previously. So we either over-appreciate it and we succumb to its whole and therefore believe we are in love. I, personally, don't think that's love. I think its just satisfaction at that very moment. And for some we keep it and hold on to it for years because we don't get to experience anything like it for a while. Oh, but trust me, those feelings will always be there, back and forth throughout your life span. So, for some we hold on to it, and therefore we believe it was love because that person provided and meant everything to us at that particular time, and so we keep it and reflect on it every other day and with any other partners that come along the way. That is not love people, that is your mind and your emotions holding on to the positive that came out from that, and we forget all the negatives. Then, there are those who don't appreciate what they have when they get it, and so they want more and more and go through relationships like underwear. They lose their virginity or whatever, and years later they think back and say "oh, well maybe he was the right guy. Maybe he was meant for me and I let him go." Um, no, not quite right either. First of all, again my opinion, I don't believe anything is meant to be. Because, again, we make decisions, and destiny is not planned. But moving, so what is love then? Is it just a moment fo happiness and wonderful feelings? Well, obviously we don't really know, but here's my definition, if it can even be defined. I think true love is when two persons devote entirely and are whole to each other without any questions in between, and can actually overcome tough situations and be one. When people can trust each other and be comfortable with one another, and can actually understand and admire each others flaws without, again, questioning them. It is when all your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts, your words, stories, plans, and goals become not just about you, but about that other person too, and you without thinking it involve them. That's when you know you've become a unit, and are whole. To me that's love. Forget the little butterflies inside you, forget the "I miss you" and the "what if" or the "why"...forget all those, when you're in love you don't question anything, even if you're scared or afraid of what might happen next. If you can't follow your heart, then how can that be Love? There are many arguments about it, and nothing, I believe, has been 100 percent correct about it. Our perception of Love varies, because many factors are involved. But when you stop being selfish, you start to care about that other person, and you become aware that you've been scripting your plans and life within their plans, then I think you should realize that you're in love.

Now, I typed all this within 10 mins, so don't give me shit because I didn't think twice and im not about to go back and correct anything. It just came out, assholes.

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