Wednesday, June 10, 2009


American film director Francis Ford Coppola returns to what he does best: directing and producing films. Coppola, no stranger to great films, is set to deliver a new film based on some personal pieces. Although he has mentioned that Tetro, his new film, is not an autobiographical piece. It will star US actor Vincent Gallo (The Brown Bunny), the Spaniard and beautiful Maribel Verdu (Pan's Labyrinth) and newcomer Alden Ehrenreich. The total budget of this film is estimated to be around 15 million dollars.
Like many of his films, Tetro tells the story of an Italian family who immigrated to Argentina. There, Ehrenreich's character is determined to look for his older brother (played by Gallo). Verdu's character is married to Gallo in the film, and during the film the family is shaken by disturbing and fierce rivalries derived from hatred and tragedies.
Most of the film was filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It has a new up to date film noir kind of vibe from the early years of cinema. The black and white piece has been getting great reviews.

The new film is due out in limited release on June 11th

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