Monday, June 7, 2010

There were buildings far away across the hills, and I sensed the odor of pride and fast heart beats. I tried to imagine life on the other side, and if the skies were as blue as the ones above my thoughts. I walked closer and closer and nature began to unravel, and it was something out of comfort, something I wanted to see more and more. I tried to look back and the distant waters became miniature pools of glace and ice, and as I crossed the last river of my land, I felt chills and a thick layer of wind collapsing against my skin. The grasses became discolored and the peaceful silence became an outrage of whispers and honks. I leaned over the side to view the land and it was gone before my eyes. there was no soil to step on. I saw life and death wandering around so freely in the streets of this fast paced land. all the signs of greed and intimate feelings splandered across the skies, so many faces and so little flowers left to bloom under the Sun. I had reached a life of imitation and mediocracy. I had reached a life where humans searched for love. I had reached the ultimate end of the horizon where people wanted more than what they should have, where people believed in everything that was exposed to their eyes, and a life where people selfishly wanted to make better with false ideas and layered thoughts. It was a land where promises existed, and it was the land their own kind feared so long to go once they died.

- 2003

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